About Monterey Bay Mind & Body Medicine

Dr. Helen Nunberg, MD, MPH, offers respectful, patient-centered care. She brings many years of General Medicine, Women’s Health and Psychiatry experience to Monterey Bay Mind & Body Medicine. Her practice aims to relieve suffering caused by painful thoughts and emotions. Dr. Nunberg provides psychiatric assessment and diagnosis, medication, and counseling for depression, anxiety, mood instability, stress, and other issues for which counseling and medication can help.

Dr. Nunberg is dedicated to providing a therapeutic relationship in which patients feel seen, heard and valued.  Her years of medical practice convinced her that mental health is crucial to overall well-being. 


Who can benefit?

Many people are accustomed to seeing their family physician for depression, anxiety, insomnia and physical symptoms caused by stress. These symptoms can be components of a psychiatric illness and a complete evaluation can lead the way to more effective treatment.

Monterey Bay Mind & Body Medicine provides focus and expertise in psychiatry and psychology.